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8 simple reasons to start working with us:

Huge experience in developing HYIPs (investment projects)

During the work of the studio we have accumulated vast experience in creating such projects, which we are happy to share with you.

A pleasant system of discounts for our customers

Our individual approach to each client extends to discounts that we are willing to give to our regular customers.

A team of true professionals

We have a full staff, all of whom are true professionals in their profession.

Development of only unique projects

We make each HYIP-project from scratch on the individual requirements specification, which we make together with you. Each of our hyip-project is one of a kind in every detail.

We develop HYIP-projects in the shortest terms

We understand that time is money! That's why we save your time and make projects in the most reasonable time.

Over 50 HYIP projects developed

50 unique high-quality projects developed by our studio give us confidence to loudly declare the highest quality and reliability that we guarantee you!

Support of HYIP-project during the whole term of work

During the whole period of the project you can be sure that our service will make timely additions and corrections to your project at your request.

We always approach the process creatively

Each of our projects is individual and not like the others, because we put our soul into the creation of the project.



Job performance

Fintech Description:

Fintech today is one of the leaders in the field of investments in the real sector of the economy. Our company has chosen conservatively moderate strategy of development and as practice has shown, such strategy became only true and maximally profitable on the long distance. During work and development of the company, we constantly, expand our presence in various spheres of the investment market.


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Sofia Description:

Initially, this platform was conceived as my author's blog on crypto-trading, where I was sharing my hacks, techniques, strategies with my family and close friends. But as it happens, it grew into something bigger. Now we have already formed a small team of experienced traders, who are actively working every day, improving the methods of working in the stock market. And our collective intelligence allows us to develop the most reliable development strategies, to work out the most incredible and at the same time real analytics on the most different crypto-assets.

6 Steps to Implementing
effective project:

1 Statement of Purpose

We find out your needs, exactly what you want to get within your budget.

2 Content rendering

Our designers develop a unique design for each page.

3 Integration and customization

During integration we check that every element of the site works correctly.

4 Filling with content

Especially for your project are written unique texts, legends, etc.

5 Connecting electronic payment systems

Next we need to configure the electronic payment systems and tariffs.

6 Handing over the project to the customer

This HYIP-project is fully operational and ready to start!

Grateful customers talk about us:

Заказал у ребят пару баннеров для блога и шикарно!!!

HYIPSecurity 2019-04-13

Добрый день хочу написать отзыв о ребятах которые делали мне проект который очень отлично функционирует и приносит доход по сей день Ребята адекватные помогут разработать лучший сайт аналогов котором...

Firsttrading 2019-03-27

Unihyip - operational implementation of unique investment programs

High-Yield Investment Programs are high-yield investment programs. High-yield projects require minimal development and implementation costs, while providing owners with good profits and allowing them to use their knowledge and skills effectively. You have a plan, but need its technical implementation? Our studio will provide you with professional support and assistance in the development of a new investment site from scratch, which has no analogues on the Internet. For a quick start you can buy ready-made scripts or order the creation of your own unique project from scratch.

Stages of creation of HYIP-projects

Turnkey HYIP with Unihyip is easy. In order for our client to start earning as quickly as possible, we will help:

  • correctly draw up the terms of reference, based on the goals of the project;
  • create a unique design for each page of the site;
  • ensure operability of all structural elements and their integration;
  • to work out the unique text filling, which will allocate your product among analogues;
  • set up an electronic payment system and provide prompt receipt of funds.

Cooperation with us - is a profitable investment in the development of your own business. Professional assistance in development, consulting and full implementation of the project will allow you to start earning as soon as possible and avoid critical errors, which are encountered by inexperienced developers.

Why choose Unihyip?

Creating a HYIP project is always better to trust professionals - this approach will allow you to quickly get a ready-made solution and avoid all kinds of revisions and malfunctions. We will open new opportunities for your business, because:

  • we have our own team of professionals that allows us to organize well-coordinated work and guarantee prompt fulfillment of tasks;
  • we create unique products (together with the client we make the terms of reference and work through all the nuances);
  • ready to implement the original functionality and developments that have no competitors;
  • we work within tight deadlines, that allow you to quickly start earning on a new idea;
  • provide ongoing technical support to clients, in time to make changes in the structure of the project on the orders of the customer..

During our existence we have realized more than 50 HYIP-projects, which allows us to call ourselves professionals in this sphere. The main key to our success is a non-trivial approach to the tasks, which allows us to create individual projects with a high level of confidence. Personalized approach to each client extends to pricing. With constant cooperation we offer more favorable conditions of creation and maintenance of sites.

Our partners:

We work closely with reliable and responsible international companies!

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